Aneeta Pathak

Auroville Consulting

A passionate activist, traveler, a firm believer of experiential learning and transformational leadership. While pursuing her dream career of Chartered Accountancy, she realized that though she has a great knack for numbers but her inner calling is somewhere else. She realized that the justice streak in her always plays the most important role in her life. Following her inner calling she began working with the Jaunsar and Bawar tribes in the Himalayas, leading her way as a student activist and then in the midst of the Santhal tribes in Jharkhand. She has a M.phil in Diplomacy from JNU, New Delhi and is a trained human rights activist. Since last six years she is in Auroville and engaged in different projects. She is the Founder of Anveshan – An Experiential Learning & Unlearning Center.

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