Erik Jansegers

Auroville Consulting

Erik is a Tropical Agronomist and Beekeeper. He is actually working in vegetable production management as well as in seeds conservation and production in Auro-Orchard Farm.  He also is helping out at Pebble Garden Forest in the field of reforestation and soil building. He is starting a bee project for the development of organic beekeeping with several local bee species in Auroville. He has been working for 7 years in the south of France, on an organic farm, managing the soil fertility and vegetable production, teaching the students and volunteers. He was producing and conserving 50 traditional varieties of wheat. He was an organic beekeeper with 30 beehives. He was an agroecological teacher for farmers in development projects in Africa. He is also one of the three authors of  “Le Manuel des jardins agroécologiques” (A manual for agroecological gardens) a best seller for sustainable gardening, only available in French!

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