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Mona Doctor-Pingel

Studio Naqshbandi

Mona Doctor-Pingel studied architecture at CEPT, Ahmedabad and obtained her masters degree in Appropriate Technology from University of Flensburg, Germany. Based in Auroville since 1995, her studio Naqshbandi offers a personalized approach to each project with a stress on finding the right balance between Man-Nature-Economy. Her projects include Building Biology, landscaping and interiors as an integral part of the design process. Being rooted in Auroville and the local context of rural Tamilnadu has given her an unique opportunity to understand that “slowing down is the first step to sustainability." She likes to write, research and teach and is the author of two monographs on Auroville’s pioneer architects: Poppo Pingel and Piero & Gloria Cicionesi.

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