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Jindal University students attend Winter Course on Environmental Sustainability at Auroville!

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A group of 10 students, from different JGU schools, participated in the course in January 2020

In a first, a group of 10 students, from different JGU (Jindal Global University) schools participated in a course, jointly developed by JSLH environmental studies faculty and Auroville Consulting, in January 2020. In this 2-week residential immersive course, the students were introduced to a wide range of community green practices that have been practiced over decades in Auroville. The capstone experience, however, for students was the preparation of a greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory for Auroville, encompassing emissions from all activities such as electricity and gas use, transport, waste, industry, farming, etc. Students collected data from all over the community, undertook calculations according to UN-established protocols guided by instructors, and finally presented their findings to the community. The presentations were very well received and helped to boost students’ pride and confidence.
Lastly, it was not all work and no play. The program was strewn with activities such as art-from-waste workshop, theatre workshop, spiritual awareness workshop, African drums, campfire and adventures of going around Auroville on electric cycles (e-bikes). 
We’re glad that we could provide a positive, “potentially life changing” experience, as most students described it. We wish them all the best for their future endeavors.

AGP Team

AGP Team

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