Introduction to Healthy Home Food Growing


This 3-Day workshop will help you tune into nature and natural cycles which promote a healthy lifestyle by growing along with nature. Growing your own food brings you lots of happiness and helps you and your family care for the environment.


The workshop will take place in the beautiful Buddha garden, located at Auroville, Tamil Nadu. Started in the year 2000 those who grow food on this 11-acre piece of land are dedicated to growing healthy food for the community of Auroville. At the same time, it is a place of learning and experience for anyone who is interested in growing healthy.


Growing some or all of your own food will also help you relate to farmers and others who grow healthy food. It will help you get in touch with the larger community of people who want to help and support each other in this and other aspects of a sustainable life.




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Includes accommodation in shared room: 2-3 persons by gender. Includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, transportation within Auroville, workshop charges and all taxes.