Prayoga; Integrate Self & Social Change – 12-week online course


Prayoga is a 12 weeks online course focusing on daily life practices that will help you take leadership in everyday life to transform yourself, society and environment. If you are looking to integrate your inner spiritual life with outer social contribution, then this course is for you.


It is an online learning journey with two 1.5 hr sessions & two 1.5 hr open hours/every week, for 12 weeks. The sessions are weaved around 10 themes, such as food, water, relationships - and each themes is looked at from an inner & outer lens. Alongwith that, we will have assignments, practices and Project-work.


Often when we are going deep into our inner journey, we find it difficult to meaningfully engage with the world. On the other hand, sometimes we get so caught up into doing things on the outside that we ignore our emotions and thoughts.