Upcoming Workshops

01 November - 30 November

Auroville Consulting designs training programs for groups of students and professionals around various aspects of sustainability. The programs contain a good mixture of theory and practice and can be planned throughout the year. The workshop duration typically is 1 to 14 days.

04 November - 09 November

This training program has been developed from the methodology of Hugh Piggott, author of The Wind Turbine Recipe Book. During the one-week course, participants will learn to construct a simple, low-cost 600W wind turbine with a 2.4m-diameter rotor. The course will involve woodwork to hand grind the blades of the rotor, metalworking, and generator.

02 December - 07 December

Compressed Stabilised Earth Block (CSEB) is composed of a mix of soil, sand and water, stabilised with ~5% cement, and compressed manually. This technique aims to make extensive use of raw earth as the main building material, thereby utilizing low-cost, low-carbon, local materials and minimising the use of imported industrial building materials.

09 December - 14 December

Arches, Vaults and Domes (AVD) have been used since millennia worldwide. With the developments of 20th century industrial building materials and methods such as steel and reinforced cement concrete, the knowledge of masonry vaulting has been all but lost.

10 December - 13 December

This workshop is aimed at deepening the understanding of a sustainably integrated approach to planning, designing and building of human habitats. A series of interactive workshops and site visits based on the broad themes of planning and design, green building material, energy management, integrated water management and waste management.