Shailaja Sudhalkar Bhati

Sailaja took up the study of architecture in M. S. University at Baroda, Gujarat. She graduated in 1995 and moved to Chandigarh. Inspired by the Mountain ranges in the background and the visually interactive built environment carved out by Le Corbusier, it became clear to me that harmony has a very high influence on the minds of the observer, and that an architect’s role goes much beyond ‘building’. After a couple of years she moved to Auroville in 1999 to learn anew. Thus inspired, my work in Auroville started with a look inward, a search within my soul, for depending on the quality of inner space, was the expression of outer forms. Her path has been guided by interactions with different teachers who have helped develop and deepen her understanding of design, structure and construction. Here in Auroville, life is a rhythmic progression of reflection and expression. And thus her journey here as an architect continues as she continues to refine herself and explore new ways to mould spaces into holistically designed architecture. She believes that it is the attempt to rise above oneself, go beyond personal limitations and walk with faith into the unknown that the unfolding and creating is all about.

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