Véronèse Robin

Véronèse was born in Switzerland. She is a Belgium and Canadian national. In her twenties she was financing her studies in the “ Beaux art” of Paris by selling moppets made from used cardboard, cloth, and broken truck bearings. She worked as a professional sailor for more than 20 years in the Caribbean islands. Upcycling, on a sailboat is an obvious way of life. When out at sea, you must be creative in finding quick solutions with whatever is available on board. When crossing the Atlantic Ocean, she saw the so-called “plastic continent” and many marine animals trapped in plastic. As a mother she was always involved in the creation of theatrical or dance show decors and accessories with as much upcycled matter as budget is always an issue in schools. She joined Ok Upcycling Studio Auroville in 2017, which is mainly focused on spreading awareness on waste and environment issues by doing Art exhibitions, diverse workshops for design universities, companies, and schools. The team motto is: Teamwork, quality control, having fun and being creative with waste!

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