Auroville is a wonderful place which gives me so much hope for the future of this planet really. The explorations and research in addition to practices is what the world needs to survive. This workshop made me realize these things along the way. Thank you for this!
Swathi Suvarna
Thank you for good accommodation and food. Thank you for introducing us to great people from around the world and understanding their beliefs. I look forward to visit again. I thank Auroville for initiating a great step to improve humankind. I wish all the best.
Aishwarya Khot
Exploring Auroville Architecture is very good workshop for beginners to explore Auroville. They can certainly contribute for better practice in Architecture field.
Mrunal Kakade
A very good workshop, provided a lot of exposure for architecture students and other related fields. It is useful and very informative.
Amirthavarshini Pugalendhi

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