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Experts in ecological and socially responsible development, Auroville Consulting work for a prosperous eco-system that supports all life on this planet. Its approach is multi-faceted: It collaborates with academic, private and public sector partners both in India and internationally, helping to develop sustainable urban and industrial development policies, ecologically friendly technologies – and the minds of future leaders. The latter they do with inspirational thought leadership and courses in aspects of sustainability, under the banner of Auroville Green Practices. Their mission and our passion align – to make the world a better, greener, place. Founded in 2010, Auroville Consulting is a unit of the non-profit organisation, Auroville Foundation.

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Contact Name: AGP Team
Phone Number: +91 83008 83945
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Unit Address: Kalpana, Crown Road, Auroville 605 101, Tamil Nadu, India

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Free Webinar: Your Rooftop Solar Guide
Natural Building – Basics
Earth and bamboo
Earth and Bamboo
Experience a journey where one can understand the connection between the mind and body and channel their inner consciousness through body movement.
Body Consciousness
Gain an insight to the finite nature of water and learn about approaches and ways to use this precious resource responsibly through Auroville’s own experience.
Sustainable Water Management
Understand the importance of communal living in our quest for human unity and sustainable living. Witness life in a community and learn about our shared resources and practices.
Community Living
Gain an understanding of an age old practice of using available sustainable resources to build and live in harmony with nature. Learn about how earth can be used to make environmentally sensitive homes.
Earthen Architecture
Two hands going to plug a sing instrument.
Sound Therapy
Acquire theoretical and practical knowledge about how bamboo is fast becoming a choice of material to build sustainable building because of its tensile and compressive strength.
Bamboo Architecture
Gain insight into the deep connection between what we consume and our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Appreciate the wisdom and abundance that lies in consuming local and seasonal produce.
Healing through Nutrition
Understand the inextricable connection between organic food and our health. Additionally, learn about the importance of indigenous food in one’s health journey.
Organic Farming
Acquire insights into the clean energy sector and its applications for your home or organization. Get an exposure to the foundational principles of energy management, including energy conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy generation.
Clean Energy Management
Learn about trees in the urban landscape and their role in reversing the climate crisis we are currently collectively experiencing. Acquire knowledge of practices that will help you grow and nurture trees in an urban setting.
Urban Forests
Gain an insight on how desertification can be reversed through an actual living example. Learn about approaches and ways to grow your own forest and create an ecosystem that supports diverse flora and fauna.
Let your emotions flow through sound. Experience the art of crafting your own musical instrument with guidance from our skilled artisans.
Crafting your own musical instrument
Experience the art of papermaking. Learn how to create textured, marbled and colorful handmade paper from pulp. Explore various types of paper and unleash your creativity to design and make objects or art pieces.
Paper Making
Learn about the journey of waste once we throw it away and the impact it has on our planet. Explore different ways one can minimise this negative impact on our planet.
Waste Management
Join us for insights into climate ethics and offsetting. Discover ethical frameworks guiding environmental action.
Climate Change Regulation And Offsetting Ethics

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